How to configure eduroam/INFN-dot1x for WINDOWS 7 users

  • You need to install the software SecureW2 on your laptop. You can request it to your computing center.
  • Install the software: Run As administrator. Follow the steps shown by the images below:


  • From the Start screen, select Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Setup a new connection or network -> Manually connect to a a wireless network. Make the following entries in the box (please specify eduroam or Infn-dot1x):

  • In Network and Sharing Center, select Manage wireless network. Double-click on INFN-dot1x or eduroam, and make the entries as shown in the box below. Click on the “Security” tab. Click Settings to create a new profile, which you can call INFN-dot1x or eduroam. De-select “outer identity”.

  • In Certificates, please select ADD CA, and insert INFN CA (verify server certificate). Please make sure the INFN CA certificate is installed.
  • In Authentication, make the following entry:

  • Provide your username and password in User Account.