How to configure eduroam/INFN-dot1x for MacOS X 10.5.x (Leopard) users

  • Select the WiFi symbol from your tool bar, and then “Open Network Preferences”

  • Select WiFi (Airport) and then Advanced

  • Remove the WiFi networks which you don’t need, and then select 802.1X

  • As Domain, please select User. Then add a new profile (“+”) and call it eduroam or INFN-dot1x. Remove any authentication protocol but EAP-TTLS, and modify the EAP-TTLS properties specifying PAP for TTLS Inner Authentication. Insert your together with your password. Do not specify any outer identity.

  • Now you can connect to eduroam or INFN-dot1x. If you get a message like the one below, press Continue.