CNAF is the national center of INFN (Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics) dedicated to Research and Development on Information and Communication Technologies. Being the central computing facility of
INFN, CNAF is historically involved in the management and evolution of the most important information and data transmission services in Italy, in support of INFN activities at national and international level.

Moreover, since the creation of the distributed computing system on geographical scale known as “Grid”, CNAF has been deeply involved in the development of Grid middleware and in the management of the Grid
infrastructure in an international framework, in particular in the context of the World-wide LHC Computing Grid (Worldwide LHC Computing Grid).

Since 2003, CNAF has hosted the Italian Tier-1 data center for the high-energy physics experiments at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, providing the resources, support and services needed for data
storage and distribution, data processing and analysis, and Monte Carlo production.

CNAF also represents a key computing facility for many astro-particle and neutrino-physics experiments, making it one of the most
important centers for distributed computing in Italy.