As an INFN National Center, CNAF is a technological facility devoted to developing, exploiting and operating equipment that is instrumental for the activities of the institute, as well as to carry out research and technological development in the context of the INFN goals.

Since 1998, the field of activity of CNAF is specified in its current denomination as “Center for the Research and Development in INFN Information and Communication Technologies”, and its mission includes:

  • to provision and efficiently operate the computing resources of the primary INFN computing facility, in the context of the WLCG (World-wide LHC Computing Grid), European and Italian e-infrastructures;
  • to provide technical, scientific and operational support to the INFN community for the exploitation of information and communication scientific technologies and infrastructures;
  • to manage the INFN national ICT services;
  • to carry out innovative ICT R&D activities as required by INFN to accomplish its demanding scientific research goals;
  • to contribute to the INFN technology transfer activities.