The INFN Information System project was developed in 2001 to digitize and manage all the administrative and accounting processes of the INFN Institute, and to carry out a gradual dematerialization of documents. In 2010, INFN decided to transfer the accounting system, based on the Oracle Business Suite (EBS) and the SUN Solaris operating system, from the National Laboratories of Frascati (LNF) to CNAF, where the SUN Solaris platform was migrated to a RedHat Linux Cluster and implemented on commodity hardware.
The Service “Information System” was officially established at CNAF in 2013 with the aim to develop, maintain and coordinate many IT services which are critical for INFN. Together with the corresponding office in the National Laboratories of Frascati, it is actively involved in fields related to INFN management and administration, developing tools for business intelligence and research quality assurance; it is also involved in the dematerialization process and in the provisioning of interfaces between users and INFN administration.

The team of the Information System Service at CNAF – currently composed of nine people and including developers and system administrators – manages both the infrastructure and the systems used to run its own services, and also takes care of user support.
In 2014, a strong collaboration with the National Services began, in particular for the Disaster Recovery project, based on Oracle DataGuard and custom scripts, in order to replicate all the applications and the data on a geographically distant site (LNF).