POR-FESR 2014-2020 Emilia Romagna

SUPER (Supercomputing Unified Platform – Emilia-Romagna) is a regional project funded with the aim to extend the regional computing and storage infrastructure to support scientific and industrial use cases and led by CINECA.

The upgrade of the existing computing infrastructure, the integration of basic services allowing federated access to the resources, and the deployment of enhanced enabling services, provide the common framework to support specialized research and industrial use cases in different fields such as big data analysis, genomics, regenerative medicine, biobanks, advanced materials, innovative production systems.
INFN provides access to its infrastructure located at INFN-CNAF, that has been upgraded also thanks to the project contribution. A common Identity Access Management system called INDIGO-IAM, based on middleware developed by the INDIGO-DataCloud project, supports Cloud-based, federated access to the resources. INFN Cloud resources are managed using the open-source OpenStack software. The Infrastructure Manger and the PaaS Orchestrator, also developed by the INDIGO-DataCloud project and installed by INFN, provide a way to transparently deploy application-specific workflows and applications on the resources.

INFN Administrative contacts:

  • Martina Allegro (Martina.Allegro at bo.infn.it)
  • Sara Haghshenas (Sara.Haghshenas at bo.infn.it)

INFN Technical contacts:

  • Claudio Grandi (Claudio.Grandi at bo.infn.it)
  • Davide Salomoni (Davide.Salomoni at cnaf.infn.it)